Where we work

Helping kids in some of the world's hardest places

Where we work
Helping kids in some of the world's hardest places

Since 1995, our supporters have been providing the best care to the world's poorest children.

Right now, their generosity is changing lives in Africa, India, and Latin America, because we work where children need us most.

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Your support is helping kids in some of the world's hardest places.

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But, there is still so much more to do...

World Poverty MapPoverty is on the rise again

For almost 25 years, the number of people living in extreme poverty — on less than $1.90 per person per day — was going down. But, the number is going up again. Mostly due to COVID, inflation, and wars. 

Around 85 million more people live in extreme poverty now. 

We work where children need us most


Children and their families across Africa were already in a difficult situation. For many years they have faced food shortages and conflict. In many places, schools and hospitals are bad. Far too many people live in poverty and many children grow up without hope for a better future.

Through your support, we provide food, health and nutrition, education, and protection programs. As a result, the lives of children are being transformed. But, we there is still so much more to do.  Learn more about how you are supporting kids in Africa.

India girls educationAsia & the Middle East

This region has the highest numbers of orphans and kids out of school. Because of COVID, there has been an increase in poverty, loss of jobs, and less access to health and nutrition services. All of this is pushing up rates of hunger and malnutrition across Asia and the Middle East. 

Thanks to you, we're on the ground, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, while sharing God’s love for them and their communities. Learn more about our work in Asia

You have been supporting communities across Latin America for nearly 30 years, responding to the needs of children and families affected by poverty, civil wars, gangs, and unemployment. 

Your donations assist poor, rural households through health, nutrition, and  education programs, as well as urban youth through violence prevention initiatives. Learn more about your support to Latin America

How Your Support helps CHILDREN
Education  |  Global Action International


Your support helps kids go to school and prepares them to succeed. You help take away the obstacles that keep children from a quality education. You support youth with the skills and resources to break free from poverty.


Support Kids Education

Health  |  Global Action International


Your support provides medical care to fight childhood disease and ensure children grow up healthy and strong. It helps fight preventable health issues and provide health care to children. 


Support Kids Health

Nourishment  |  Global Action International

Physical & Spiritual Nourishment

You help children get nutritious meals. This helps them to grow up healthy and strong. Undernourished children and orphans under our care receive a daily, balanced diet. In everything we do, we share God's love.


Support Kids Nourishment

Hungry children in refugee camp, distribution of humanitarian food

  Support kids every month - be their hero!  

Global Action Heroes - Changing Kids Lives

Join our monthly supporters! They have the super power to save lives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Giving every month is so helpful. It helps children receive regular support that they can count on. 

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