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Unfortunately, after 25 years of progress, poverty is on the rise again

Those living in extreme poverty in the region rose to 86 million in 2021 due to COVID. Poverty  is especially high in rural areas and among indigenous peoples. We help lift children and their families out of poverty through education, empowerment, and employment. In all we do, we share and model God’s love.

Join us in providing hope, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for children and youth.

Latin America

We work where children need us

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More than 20 million children live in poverty with more than five million living in extreme poverty, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund. Only 62% of Mexican children reach high school and only 45% complete their high school careers. About 38% of men and 35% of women in Mexico are uneducated and unemployed. 
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Poverty affects the majority of Guatemalan citizens.Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin America, with Indigenous and rural populations disproportionately affected. Chronic childhood malnutrition (and stunting) affects 47 percent of all children under the age of five, 58 percent of indigenous children, and 66 percent of children in the lowest income quintile.
Helping Children Rise Above Poverty
Income inequality remains a key challenge in the region, affecting young rural people in particular. But economic growth and increased investments in education are narrowing the gap, giving young women and men the chance to improve their lives. However, those living in extreme poverty in the region rose to 86 million in 2021 due to the deepening of the social and health crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Facts about Latin America

of the 23 million young people living in rural areas of Latin America are affected by poverty.
of all international migrants are young people aged 15-24 from the region. Rural poverty is one of the main drivers of youth migration.
out of 100 deaths among young men are caused by violence. Latin America ranks first in the world in terms of deaths from violence among young people.
Global Action
Global Action in Latin America

Meet some of our featured partners

We believe that sustainable solutions to fighting extreme poverty should be locally-led. We partner with carefully-chosen local partners to provide a comprehensive approach to lifting children out of poverty. We work directly with local churches, orphanages, and ministries

Guatemala Promised Land Ministries | Global Action International
Promised Land Ministries & School

Promised Land Ministries is a Christian organization working around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, an area with a 74% poverty rate. Your donations support impoverished children with nutrition, education, and medical care. A $50/month sponsorship provides a child with quality education, a nutritious breakfast each school day, and regular medical check-ups.

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Mexico Programs | Global Action International
Accion Global de Mexico

Global Action International’s local partners in Tecate and San Quentin, Mexico support children and youth through children’s crusades, sport’s programs, & educational opportunities. Clothing and food distribution is also an important outreach to the poor, in partnership with church leaders and school officials in various colonias of Baja California, Mexico.

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