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Patience is a virtue we all respect—that is, until we have to exercise it in our own lives. But it is indispensable for receiving God's best for us.

In 1977, an album was released called "The Music Machine". It was a children's musical journey through the Fruits of the Spirit. One song has stuck in my head all of these years. A simple song by a character named Herbert the Snail 🐌called "Patience".

For a snail, he had some pretty sage advice:

"Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient, you only start to worry.
Remember, remember that God is patient too and
think of all the times when others have to wait for you."

Not bad advice for a snail. And a good song to sing to the kids on a long road trip. 👍

You can watch the song's YouTube video below (which was obviously created after 1977). But first, here are a few more thoughts about patience:

Patience is strength of spirit.  She is the measure of our capacity.

Short spirit, short patience --- long spirit, long patience.

Patience bears heavy loads with a happy attitude, without complaining.


"But let patience have her perfect work, that you may

be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."   James 1:4


Patience is something I decide to receive and to embrace.

Say, "I decide to be patient.  I receive patience now."

Patience is nourished through trial, strengthened through pressure.

Whatever you're facing right now, it is growing your level of patience.

This in turn increases your capacity.

Increased capacity increases your success levels.

Be patient.  It will "surely come to pass."

May you have a blessed day.


Dwaine Lee
Global Action


This post is from The Encourager, a series of over 100 emails from Global Action's founder, Dwaine Lee, originally sent between 2005-2010. We believe the words of encouragement are still relevant today. The email above was first sent in May 2005. 


Throwback to "The Music Machine" (1977)
Patience, by Herbert the Snail

The Christian children's album The Music Machine, was a favorite in our house when the kids were young. It is a musical adventure set in Agapeland, and teaches children about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The song "Patience" features Herbert the Snail and is a catchy tune that our grandkids now have sung to them from time to time when they're feeling a little impatient. Watch here


Another great message...

Patience - Essential To Experiencing God's Best
by Dr. Charles Stanley

In this message, Dr. Stanley lays out the truth plainly: Patience is indispensable to our ability to obey God and receive His best for us. It may feel excruciating to wait upon the Lord, but that’s exactly where He said He would renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31). Discover why you can trust God’s perfect timing. Watch  here.



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