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The Obadiah Factor

If we are credible...God will be incredible. Godly leaders, with credibility in this world, put themselves in a position of deliverance to this generation.

"If we are credible...God will be incredible."
Mark Kelsey

Obadiah was a godly man and trusted by the prophet Elijah.  He was also trusted by the most ungodly King in Israel's history, Ahab, and his wife, Jezebel.

He was entrusted with looking after all the King's house.

He managed the money and other private affairs of the King and Queen (1 Kings 18:3)

Obadiah walked with integrity in a very corrupt world, and maintained a godly, upright life of worship to God.

This demands extreme wisdom.

This wisdom positioned him to deliver 100 priests doomed to die by the sword of Jezebel.

Godly leaders, with credibility in this world, put themselves in a position of deliverance to this generation.

My friends, in a world full of scandal in the corporate, political, and religious arena...let us seek out integrity in all we do.  


Dwaine E. Lee
Global Action



This post is from The Encourager, a series of over 100 emails from Global Action's founder, Dwaine Lee, originally sent between 2005-2010. We believe the words of encouragement are still relevant today. The email above was first sent in May 2005. 


Faith into Action

"When we put our faith into action we will also have compassion for others. It means listening to one who is anxious or afraid. It means caring for one who is sick. It means helping those who are in need. Putting faith into action also means loving our neighbor as ourselves, even when our neighbor looks nothing like us, even when we live in one part of the world and our neighbor lives in another, even when we have one color of skin and our neighbor has another...

When we put our faith into action, our lives will reflect the life of Jesus. This is what a relationship with Jesus is all about. It may not be easy. But we do not do it alone. If we trust him, if we place our faith in Jesus, he will be with us and he will empower us to do his work – he will make it possible for us to put our faith into action." -- Shelly Franklin

Another good read...

Life Advice


Kevin Kelly, founding Editor of WIRED magazine, released 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known on his 70th birthday. Here are some good pieces of advice from the article: (1) When you lead, your real job is to create more leaders, not more followers. (2) Efficiency is highly overrated; Goofing off is highly underrated. Regularly scheduled sabbaths, sabbaticals, vacations, breaks, aimless walks and time off are essential for top performance of any kind. The best work ethic requires a good rest ethic. (3) A wise man said, “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, “Is it true?” At the second gate ask, “Is it necessary?” At the third gate ask, “Is it kind?”  Read Here (11 minutes)

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